The free
benchmarking tool
from Fifty Five and Five

W elcome to Maya—the digital marketing benchmark tool for Microsoft partners. The best marketers know that it takes consistent, incremental advances to build your audience. Above everything else, you need time and patience; but with Maya, you can benchmark every area of your marketing efforts to visualise and continue your progress. And that’s why we designed Maya—to give you instant, actionable feedback on your marketing efforts.

Find out where you can improve

Before you can start improving, you need to know where you’re currently at. Completely free to use, Maya evaluates the three core components of your digital presence—your website, blog, and social channels—to analyse your biggest strengths and weaknesses. Getting a gauge on your current performance is essential to improving; Maya offers useful tips and advice on how you can improve the areas you’re currently struggling with.

Simply input your website, blog RSS feed, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn handles and Maya will get to work. For each metric, Maya will score you between 1 and 10, while offering guidance on how to improve your score next time round.

Built by Fifty Five and Five

Fifty Five and Five built Maya to help it's clients better understand how to improve their marketing efforts.

Fifty Five and Five are a specialist digital marketing agency, focused on the Microsoft Partner Network. Other agencies take good marketing and then try to understand how it applies to their clients’ businesses. We combine great marketing with an innate understanding of Microsoft Partner Marketing. As subject matter and Microsoft ecosystem experts, we help our clients drive leads and make better connections.

We started out offering mainly content and copy services, and today that work still forms a big part of our offering. As we have grown, we have expanded the services we offer and are now proud to call ourselves a full-service agency dedicated to Microsoft Partners.

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