Improve your score

O nce you’ve got your first Maya report, the next step is formulating a strategy around how you can start improving your marketing. Maya tracks the quality of your website, blogging output and social presence, so you should get a good view of the biggest areas for improvement and where to begin. To help you get started, we’ve listed a few points below where you can make some quick and easy changes to improve your score and, ultimately, improve your marketing.

1. How well do you know your audience?

We always preach that content is king. You need to ask yourself: are enough people engaging with your content? While broadcasting your products and/or services is important, your content needs to be engaging and relevant to your audience—recognising and resolving their concerns and pain points. Check out our post on creating impactful marketing personas to see why they’re important and how you can create your own.

2. Improve your website speed

With average human attention spans shorter than that of the average goldfish (no, seriously) the time it takes your website to load is more important than you might think. Studies show that loading time affects your bottom line. Get you web developers to speed things up by minimizing HTTP requests, reduce server response time, compress your media files, enable browser caching, and reduce the number of plugins and redirects you use.

3. Social engagement isn't just a numbers game

Many businesses are obsessed with the number of followers they have. While reaching out to a big audience is of course great, it’s the more personal interactions—like Facebook comments and Twitter mentions—you receive that indicate real engagement. That comes down to the right audience, not the biggest audience.

4. Use the inbuilt help feature

Once toy have ran a report in Maya you will see a chat box in the bottom right. There you can contact one of our marketing team, and ask any questions you have about the specifics of your report .Can bespoke advice right there on the page.

Let us help

Working exclusively with Microsoft partners, Fifty Five and Five developed Maya to give Microsoft Partners a tangible way to monitor, rank and improve their marketing. We pride ourselves on our extensive experience in marketing and extensive knowledge of the Microsoft partner ecosystem. So, don’t hesitate to ask us for help or advice on how you can improve your digital marketing now and well into the future.

Want to know more? We're more than happy to help!