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Maya audits your digital channels, gives you actionable advice on how to improve them, and lets you compare your score to your competitors.

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Test your digital marketing channels

Maya makes it easy to test your website, blog and social channels. We run over 40 tests across all of the data, looking in-depth at what makes your marketing tick and what needs improvement.

Maya takes only a few minutes to produce an easy to read scorecard, allowing to you quickly understand the performance of your channels.

Get actionable advice and tutorials on how to improve

The Maya scorecard include embedded tutorial videos and blogs, offering specific advice and guidance on how to improve your channels and their Maya scores.

Become a better marketer with Maya, learn new skills, and stay upto date with the latest trends. The extended Maya PRO Knowledge Base contains hundreds of tutorials, guides, blogs and downloads.

Create a free account to track and measure your scores over time

You can easily create a free Maya account, which gives you access to advanced features. You can track your scores over time via the dashboard, and Maya will even send you updated scorecards via email every month.

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